2014 – Official Opening of the Kindergarten

A highly anticipated moment for the Alfa-Nik Orphanage and Social Center, was the opening of the kindergarten and adjoining playground. The event was well attended with many local residents and local government officials.

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2013 – Calendar of Events
Дети-сироты на Николаевский ледовом катке «Гольфстрим» Афиша программы Рождественская радуга 2013 Жилье для детей-сирот в на территории Социального комплекса НОБФ «Консольбудпроект» протянул руку помощи

February 2013 Мarch 2013 April 2013 May 2013

Строительство жилья для детей-сирот продолжается Пасхальные торжества в Социальном комплексе

June 2013 September 2013

Веселые каникулы с Альфа-Ник 2013 Руби и Линн Джонстон вновь в Николаеве с новым семинаром Открытие детской игровой площадки

2012 – First “Nikolaev without Orphans” Conference

On April 12th 2012, Nikolaev hosted the First Regional Conference “Nikolaev without Orphans”. Primary contributors to this initiative were Ukrainian government program “Ukraine without orphans ” and the Nikolaev Oblast Charitable Foundation Alfa-Nik. The Nikolaev Regional State Administration and the Executive Committee were also key supporters. Approximately 600 delegates attended this conference, including journalists, community and charitable organizations, foster parents, orphanage directors and employees and other individuals who are concerned about the fate of orphans.

The conference was a forum for discussing coordination of social services, sharing experiences, and suggestions for effective future meetings. Alfa-Nik was recognized by the Regional State Administration as the model orphanage and social center that others should be following. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Alfa-Nik team and their many supporters.