Your Questions and Answers

Below are answers to some common questions we receive:

Why are there so many orphans in the Ukraine?

Abandonment of children is a serious problem in the Ukraine. Substance abuse, alcoholism, prostitution and financial hardships are some of the reasons parents leave their children on the steps of orphanages. Low incomes and lack of jobs makes supporting a family difficult, often leading to substance abuse and neglect. The Ukraine has also become a destination for overseas men to obtain wives. Many times these men reach out to young women making promises they will not keep. These young women desperate to get out of the poverty trap make decisions that lead to single parenthood and then orphanages.

What are orphanages like in the Ukraine?

All orphanages in the Ukraine are government owned and operated. There has recently been a shift away from this strategy, with a move to establish family based orphanages. The Alfa-Nik orphanage is the first family based orphanage to be set up in Nikolaev and has strong support from the local government. Church denominations are officially not allowed to run or operate orphanages in the Ukraine. Alfa-Nik is unique as the directors are Pastors of the Seventh –Day Adventist Church and devoted Christians aiming to show the love of Jesus to children. Although no financial support is received from the local government, their approval of the project means children will grow up in a Christian family environment and have a hope for a future.

Who is Alfa-Nik?

Alfa-Nik is a non-profit entity and an independent ministry. Pastor Anatoliy Gurduiala and Pastor Evgeniy Tkachishin started the ministry in an effort to meet the critical needs of abandoned children in the Ukraine and introduce them to a loving Savior. The Alfa-Nik Orphanage and Social Center has a board of leading Christians in the community. Its financial position is reported to the Southern Ukrainian Union office of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church – although not officially required to do so.