Deputy of the Mykolayiv Regional Council visits Alfa-Nik family orphanage

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There is no “other people’s pain” and there are no “other children” – This belief convinced Evgeniy Tkachishin to do something about providing abandoned and orphaned children with a loving home. This was witnessed first-hand by Deputy Head of Nikolaev’s Regional Council, Oksana Janiszewski, during her visit to the Alfa-Nik family type orphanage.

Playground, spacious living area, cozy and warm rooms, modern furniture – it’s hard to imagine that four years ago the property was a real dump. During this time the Alfa-Nik orphanage made ​​the seemingly impossible possible. They gave these unimportant children, the most important thing in life – love, caring parents and a family home.

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Evgeniy said that Alfa-Nik recently completed renovating a new family home at the orphanage. Some of the rooms are not yet fully furnished, but this is not a huge obstacle to the family that has moved in. A family from the Dnipropetrovsk region has moved in and is getting ready to accept a new group of children. Evgeniy thanked Oksana for helping provide 20 sets of much needed bedding.

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Oksana commended Alfa-Nik on the wonderful conditions in which the children are raised. “Not every institution in Nikolaev can boast comparable conditions… Not even every family can create a warmth and comfort that you have here. Your enthusiasm and love for the children is an example to be followed. You understand that children need attention. Thanks to this concern, we almost have no street children.”

Evgeniy shared his secret : “We do everything in our power for the kids. After all, our main goal is have Nikolaev without any orphans . We are working on a huge project that will positively impact the community and it’s exciting to see it gradually being implemented, due to our desire to make life the best we can for children left without parents.” Construction is happening rapidly. There is much to be implemented – to open a medical center, a cinema, and an elementary school.

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Oksana thanked Evgeniy for his dedication to the life and education of children. She is confident that all his plans aspirations will be fulfilled.

Source: Nikolaev Regional State Administration

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